Removable Porch Panels

Our Removable Porch Panels are designed to winterize your existing screen porch as well as keep pollen out in the Spring.

They are custom fitted to attach to your existing interior or exterior porch trim while keeping the existing screen intact. Most of our customers will remove the porch panels after pollen season is over and put them back up before Winter.

Watkins handles everything from start to finish.

  1. Measuring
  2. Fabrication
  3. Installation

Our Removable Porch Panels are made with non-yellowing 1/8" clear acrylic. This high-grade acrylic is half the weight of glass, shatter resistant and optically clear as glass. We cut the acrylic sheet to specified measurements and then miter cut and apply a 1" PVC frame at the perimeter.

The final part of our fabrication process is to apply a compressible weather seal on the back of the PVC frame. We use metal turn clips and screws to secure and seal each porch panel into place during the installation process. The porch panels can easily be removed by turning these clips to the side with your fingers.

Once removed the porch panels can be stored in a stack either vertically against a wall or horizontally on a floor. Most customers will store the removed porch panels in a garage, shed, basement or under a bed. We also have customers who choose to leave some or all of their porch panels up year-round.