Interior Storm Windows

Looking to save on energy bills?

Watkins Awnings now offers a custom storm window, made to reduce energy costs from the inside out. This energy-saving solution fits over the inside of your window so it won't detract from the exterior appeal of your home or commercial building.

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Energy Savings and More

We use acrylic because it's proven to insulate better than glass. Once locked into place, our interior storm window traps heat or cool air inside your home. A magnetic, airtight seal means you'll reduce heating and cooling loss through your windows by up to 60%. That energy efficiency yields a savings that pays for your investment, and then keeps on paying off. In addition to insulation, storm windows have other benefits too: they eliminate drafts, reduce noise, and block harmful UV rays.


With improved insulation, you'll feel the difference these windows make, but you won't have to see it. Because they're installed on the inside, they preserve rather than detract from the look of your home. We pre-measure and custom-fit each storm panel to match existing windows of any shape and size. Even better, they're designed to blend in with your trim color so they're practically invisible.

Easy Installation

The acrylic panel is flexible and significantly lighter in weight than glass. So it's easy to handle and lightweight enough for one person to install. The magnetic edging seals tightly over a thin, hidden steel frame, and the panel snaps easily into place inside your existing window.

Historic Restoration

Interior storm windows have been used on many historic restoration projects and approved by all historic commissions.

Removable Porch Panels

Winterize your existing screen porch by having these custom made panels installed onto existing porch trim for easy removal after pollen season.

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